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The city of McAllen is the perfect tourist destination in the Rio Grande Valley. Every year, the town holds an All Valley Boat show. However, since boats will be left unattended, your boat could be at risk for damage.  At TX Insurance Quotes, we want you to have quality time with friends and family without the fear of damaging your boat.

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    As we tailor our policies to meet your needs, we make sure that we cover all bases with comprehensive coverage for you and your boat. The coverage your boat insurance policy will provide includes-

    • Liability coverage 
    • Physical damage coverage 
    • Uninsured/underinsured watercraft coverage
    • Medical coverage
    • Fuel spill liability insurance and wreck removal coverage 
    • Personal effects coverage 
    • Unattached equipment coverage 
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    Enjoy a fun-filled trip with your family while remaining worry-free about boat insurance at TX Insurance Quotes. Get started today!