According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), around 85% of homeowners have home insurance. 

Every homeowner must get their home insured. You can’t predict when your home needs a repair or gets damaged due to an unexpected cause. In such cases, having insurance gives you financial support to recover your loss. 

Here’s a quick question – have you considered insuring your detached structures? If not, then you are still open to a huge potential risk. Getting yourself detached structure insurance, from reliable homeowners insurance companies, reduces this risk. 

But how much coverage is enough for your detached structure? That’s what we’ll learn today. But before we jump on to that topic, let’s get a brief on detached insurance. Here we go!

What is Detached Structure Insurance?

Detached Structure Insurance

Homeowner insurance policy is divided into various subsections. Each section covers different liabilities and assets of your home. The detached structure is a part of this insurance policy, and it covers the detached structure of your property. Some of the detached structures this insurance policy covers are as follows:

  • Fences
  • Storage sheds
  • Certain landscaping
  • Detached garages and carports
  • Gazebos

In addition to the above, structures such as decks or swimming pools can be covered by your detached structure insurance. Detached items are considered part of your home. That’s why these structures aren’t covered by your regular homeowner’s insurance, but by separate insurance meant just for them – detached structure insurance. 

This insurance policy will provide you with exceptional coverage without reducing your dwelling insurance benefits. If you haven’t gotten this policy yet, get it as soon as possible. If you already have it, let’s learn how much coverage your structures need.

How Much Coverage Does Your Structure Need?

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Most homeowners insurance companies set 10% of your house insurance’s limit as your detach structure coverage. For example, if your house is insured for $500,000, you’d have $50,000 as your detached coverage. There’s a chance that you have expensive detached structures and for them, this amount might not be enough. 

Let’s suppose, you have a large in-ground swimming pool and other large structures. $50,000 may not be enough to replace or cover for them in the event they are damaged or destroyed. The good thing is – this percentage of detached structure coverage is not fixed. 

You can speak to your homeowner’s insurance company in Victoria and let them know your needs. With their help and assistance, you can adjust your coverage limit and increase it to a number that allows for financial security.

Importance Of Detached Structured Insurance – Do You Need It?

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When it comes to detached structured insurance, the first question that comes to mind is, “Do I have to purchase this insurance policy?” The answer is yes. 

First of all, your detached structures aren’t covered under your regular homeowner insurance. Therefore, they are always at the risk of getting damaged. Some of the causes that might destroy or damage your structure are:

  • Flood and earthquakes
  • Damaged caused by animals or pets
  • Wear and tear from lack of proper maintenance
  • Damaged caused due to accidents or fire
  • Many more 

All of these causes are unpredictable and can cost you a fortune to cover the damage. When your detached structures are covered, the last thing you need to worry is about their repair cost or compensation. 

So in any mishap with your structures, you can simply raise a claim and get the money to repair your detached building. You can use that money to fix the damages or construct a new structure, whatever you wish to do.

How To Choose The Best Home Insurance Broker?

Best Home Insurance Broker

When you use the services of a home insurance broker, several things come into play. The price of home insurance, of course, is a determining factor – but should not be your only indication. It is also necessary to look at the services offered.

It can be very difficult to take care of a home insurance contract yourself. We advise that you first do some research on the type of insurance you want to purchase. Then, you can share your needs and questions with the potential brokers you want to work with. After that, you should go with the one who can fulfill your needs at a cost that you can easily afford. 

Find the Best Homeowners Insurance Company

When it comes to home insurance, many individuals overlook the fact that their property may contain much more than simply a house. There may be a carport, storage shed, and fence, that while small, are nonetheless valuable. These structures can be insured under a form of coverage known as detached structures insurance or other structures insurance under your home’s insurance policy.

By now you know what detached structure insurance is, how much coverage your structure needs, and the importance of detached structure insurance. Now that you know the importance of this insurance policy, it’s time to get it without any delays. When we talk about detached structure insurance, finding the right insurance company may seem like a complex task. However, there’s no need to worry! We have got you covered.

At TX Insurance Quotes, one of the best insurance providers in the United States, we help you get the best and most-preferred homeowners insurance in Odessa. For more details, get in touch with us today!