Your home is your lifetime investment. That is why you have poured your heart, sweat, and tears into acquiring one. Yet, what you haven’t prepared for will work against you. What if one day a natural disaster comes and sweeps away your sanctuary and  belongings?

Basic homeowners’ insurance minimizes the risk of financial loss by protecting your home and personal assets from monetary damages caused by artificial and natural disasters. A homeowners insurance policy guarantees coverage on liabilities for injuries or damage to your property, safeguarding you and your family from future budget constraints.

In addition to auto insurance, home insurance is one of the most common insurance protections people obtain for peace of mind and financial safeguards. In 2016 the Insurance Information Institute (III) estimated that about 95% of U.S. homeowners had home insurance; that represents about 70 million homes insured.

If you want to consider safeguarding your family from future liabilities, know more about the standard coverage of home insurance.

●     Dwelling

Dwelling coverage can repair your house that is damaged by fire, storm, strong wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, falling trees, hail, or vandalism. For example, you are protected and covered if your roof is swept away from a strong wind, destroying other structures and components.

●     Liability

Personal liability insurance gives coverage in case you and your family members are facing liabilities such as injuries, slander, liabilities, and other lawsuits. For example, a guest trips on your stairs, causing a fracture to his foot. If you are liable, your insurance policy can cover medical bills, lost salary as well as damaged belongings.

●     Personal property

Personal property insurance coverage pays to repair assets that are destroyed in a covered occurrence. For example, if someone breaks into your house and steals your gadgets and other equipment, the insurance policy can pay to replace the stolen items up to the limits of the policy and minus deductible.

●    Temporary living expenses

The “loss of use” coverage can pay for additional living expenses up to your policy limits during the specific times when you were unable to stay at home during repairs. For example, a fire consumes an area of your house exposing the interiors, and you’re unable to live in while in the process of rebuilding the structures. You’re covered for the cost of hotel accomodation and meals.

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