Defining a family and a couple in today’s world can be complicated. What used to mean one thing may only apply to some, with multiple types of relationships being common and accepted today. With that in mind, Insurance companies now offer various joint car insurance options to married and unmarried couples.

Read this guide to understand further the benefits of joint car insurance and how to select the right car insurance policy for your needs.

What is Joint Car Insurance?

Car Insurance

Joint car insurance is a policy where married or unmarried couples can share car insurance coverage when living in the same household or driving the same car. 

Most insurance providers may require you to list all household members on your car insurance policy, irrespective of their relationship with you. The reason is that any vehicle listed in the household is assumed to be driven by anyone, so that insurance companies may ask for proper documentation.

If you fail to do this and your provider finds out, it could result in higher premiums or canceled policy renewal.

However, there is an option where you can specify that the other person in your home is an excluded driver, meaning your insurance coverage will not cover the loss if they are driving the car.

When Should a Couple Opt for Joint Car Insurance?

Joint Car Insurance

The most important thing to consider when deciding whether or not to get joint car insurance is how closely the two people are related. If they are married, then getting a joint policy makes sense, as it will help reduce the coverage cost and simplify things. However, for unmarried couples living in the same household, it is important to consider the overall insurance cost and how much each partner will pay.

Below are some of the scenarios when a couple should consider getting Joint Car Insurance:

  • If both people listed on the policy drive the same car regularly
  • If both members have multiple vehicles and need to insure them all
  • If both drivers are from a lower-risk demographic or have similar driving records with no tickets or accidents
  • If both parties are looking for the most cost-effective way to insure their vehic

What Do Unmarried Couples Need to Do to Combine their Car Insurance Policies?

Combine their Car Insurance Policies

Every insurance company has different requirements for unmarried couples seeking joint car insurance. The primary criteria for joint car insurance is you and your partner must live at the same address. Auto Insurance companies in Brownsville that provide joint car insurance for unmarried couples will require proof of the same. 

Having the same address on your driver’s license is best. However, if you have just moved in together and need to update your address, then providing lease agreements or utility bills in both of your names will suffice.

When You Should Not Combine Car Insurance Policies

Getting a joint car insurance policy may make sense for many couples. Still, there are some situations where combining car insurance policies may cost you more than having a separate policy.

For instance, if your partner has a poor history record or is a high-risk driver, it may be more economical to get your policy rather than combine the two. In this instance, it is best to compare different auto insurance quotes to determine which will give you the best coverage at the most affordable rate.

How Do You Remove a Name from a Joint Car Insurance policy?

Removing an individual name from your car insurance policy is quite simple. All you have to do is call your provider, inform them of the changes and provide additional documentation if necessary.

Once done, they will remove the name listed from the policy and review it accordingly. Remember that your auto insurance in El Paso may provide you with a discount, so removing a driver or changing the policy details may increase your insurance premiums.

Once all necessary changes have been made, you should receive a revised policy within a few days.

A small piece of advice: When you and your partner decide to go separate, ensure that the other party has insurance before you cancel your joint car insurance policy. Insuring first, then canceling, will guarantee that the other person will be adequately insured in case of an accident. 

What If You Do Not Remove Your Partner’s Name from Your Policy After a Split?

Sometimes even after your breakup, you may choose to keep your partner’s name on the insurance policy. The reason you may do this:

  • Cheaper insurance premiums
  • The convenience of having one policy rather than two
  • Discounts for joint policies
  • Inability to locate coverage elsewhere

However, when you choose to keep your partner’s name on the policy, it is essential to remember that if either of you is involved in an accident and the other person’s name is still on the insurance policy, both parties will need to pay for damages. 

Moreover, your insurance provider may pursue fraud charges if they discover that you have purposely kept your partner’s name on the policy even after a split. Although uncommon, deliberate fraud of this nature can lead to hefty fines and even jail time in some cases. 

Therefore, it is essential to check with your provider regularly and ensure that all information listed on the policy is current and accurate. 

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