Consider your most valued asset: a treasured family relic, a gorgeous work of art, or a vintage guitar. Imagine that your most valuable asset is stolen. 

Standard homeowners’ insurance has restrictions on how much the insurance provider will pay for assets. Things like watercrafts, jewels, cutlery, and electronics are all examples of items that standard homeowners insurance restrictions on how much the insurance provider will pay out.

Usual limitations may be sufficient to cover your belongings most of the time. However, if you own high-value items such as jewelry, fine art, or other miscellaneous items, the level of coverage offered by the policy may not be sufficient to cover the cost of replacement. Insurance companies provide the option of scheduling some personal objects individually for their worth to offer more coverage.

What has Scheduled Personal Property Insurance?

Scheduled personal property is an endorsement or coverage supplement that you may add to your homeowner’s insurance to increase payment limits on high-value goods. Scheduled possessions may also be protected from losses that aren’t covered by typical insurance, such as misplacing something or having it unexpectedly vanish from your home.  


For example, if a high-value item is stolen, the replacement cost may be capped at $500 or $1,000, and you may be responsible for the homeowners’ policy deductible. If you schedule your personal property insurance, however, you will be insured for the total value both on and off-premises.

The following are examples of items that are often scheduled:

  • Antiques
  • Firearms
  • Fur Coats
  • Health and Medical Equipment.
  • Jewelry
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sporting Goods
  • Watercrafts and Trailers 
  • Expensive Electronics

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Personal Property : Scheduled vs. Unscheduled

Simply put, if you have high-value, one-of-a-kind goods to insure, your basic coverage may not be adequate.

On the other hand, personal property insurance is designed to safeguard some of your most precious belongings. 

If you’re unclear whether high-dollar items are covered in full to replace or repair if necessary, talk to your insurer or review your home policy’s Coverage C section.

Not only does scheduled personal property coverage provide more significant amounts, but it can also broaden the scope of when and where your belongings are covered. For example, your regular insurance may only cover your belongings when they are inside your home.


What does Scheduled Personal Property Insurance Exclude?

Although providing additional coverage for your valuables, a scheduled personal property endorsement does not cover everything.

This supplemental insurance policy does not cover items damaged by nuclear disasters, war, insects, rodents, or normal wear and tear.

Furthermore, scheduled personal property insurance excludes goods such as sunglasses, phones, drones, and specific musical instruments such as recording gear and microphones from coverage.

Benefits of Scheduling Your Personal Property

The most significant benefit of scheduling certain items is that you get more coverage without paying a deductible. Therefore, specific items should be scheduled when their worth clearly exceeds the usual payout value of your insurance and the worth of your other materials.

If the object has sentimental value, it could be worth scheduling. Think about how to protect yourself financially with these three benefits for your valued belongings.

Increased Coverage

The majority of personal property insurance policies only cover losses or damage caused by specified risks, such as fire or theft.

However, scheduling property frequently implies that your insurer covers extra occurrences, including the item’s misplacement.

Coverage for the Cost of Replacement

In most cases, the scheduled property is written on a replacement-cost basis. This implies that your insurance pays the full cost of replacing your destroyed valuables, not a lower amount to account for depreciation.

No Deductible 

When you buy scheduled personal property coverage, you may be able to select a lesser deductible or no deductible for the scheduled goods. 

That may not be the case for other personal things covered by your basic policy’s property coverage.

Tips for Scheduling Your Personal Property

Property scheduling isn’t difficult, but you’ll need to do some research before you can add this type of coverage.

Make a List of Everything You Own

Make a list of what you own, how much it’s worth, and if you can afford to replace it.

Get Your Items Appraised

To schedule your property, most insurers want proof of its worth. If your most recent assessment is older than three years, you should consider getting a new one.

Inquire About Limitations

Scheduled property may be subject to limits set by your insurer. 

This doesn’t mean you are out of luck if your property exceeds the limit, but you may require additional coverage for these products.

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How much does it cost to have additional personal property insurance?


You will pay somewhat higher rates if you have scheduled personal property coverage in addition to your average homeowners’ insurance. 

Furthermore, the higher fees are well worth it because you will have excellent protection in the event of a disaster. 

The total value of your belongings determines the cost of scheduled personal property coverage. 

Even though prices vary amongst insurers, the yearly premium rate does not exceed 1-2% of the item’s entire worth.
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Our Conclusion

Your house is well worth the investment you’ve made. 

It’s a safe refuge for you and your loved ones. However, it is not without risk from unanticipated circumstances. If anything bad occurs to your home or valuables, you may be on the hook for a lot of money lost in repairs and replacements if you don’t have the proper insurance.

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