Umbrella Insurance Company

You hire a group of skilled contractors to add an extension to your lovely house. While climbing on a ladder, one of the contractors slipped and hit his head, resulting in a severe concussion. The liability limits in your home insurance policy don’t cover his injuries. At TX Insurance Quotes, we want you to feel secure with your existing insurance policies while adding umbrella insurance to cover extra bills or accidents. An umbrella policy will give you and your properties in Laredo additional coverage at a low-cost price.

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    Our umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage for:

    • Primary residence
    • Two motorized vehicles
    • Small Sailboats
    • Motorboats
    Umbrella Insurance Laredo

    Protect you and your loved ones against surprises in Laredo, TX. That’s what we offer at TX Insurance Quotes– umbrella insurance for personal injury, property damage, certain lawsuits and/or personal liability situations. Call today for a quote!