Umbrella Insurance Company

You hire a group of skilled contractors to add an extension to your lovely house in Lubbock, TX. While climbing on a ladder, one of the contractors slipped and hit his head, resulting in a severe concussion; your home insurance liability coverage isn’t enough for the injury. With umbrella insurance, you’re covered against unpredictable expenses. If you’re looking for affordable umbrella insurance for your property in Lubbock, then an umbrella policy from Texas Insurance Quotes is perfect for you.

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    Our umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage for:

    • Primary residence
    • Two motorized vehicles
    • Small Sailboats
    • Motorboats
    Umbrella Insurance Lubbock

    Don’t get surprised by an out of pocket expense for an accident not covered by your regular insurance in Lubbock, TX. Get Umbrella Insurance from TX Insurance Quotes. This type of insurance is extra coverage for accidents, including vehicle collisions and property damage. Call us for affordable umbrella insurance