Umbrella Insurance Company

What if you are driving on Odessa’s highways when suddenly an accident happens? You injure one of your passengers who then requires treatment- do you have the right amount of coverage in place to ensure he or she gets proper care? If not, consider purchasing an umbrella policy from TX Insurance Quotes for a great rate. This policy will protect you in case there are any issues with injuries or property damage.

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    Our umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage for:

    • Primary residence
    • Two motorized vehicles
    • Small Sailboats
    • Motorboats
    Umbrella Insurance Odessa

    The stresses of personal injury and how it affects your life can seem insurmountable. You need peace of mind without having to worry about potentially unexpected expenses. Protect yourself with an Umbrella Insurance policy in Odessa, TX; we’ll gladly give you a quote for one!